Pet Surgery

Short Pump Animal Hospital Offers Pet Surgery

When your pet needs surgery, you want experienced care with attention to your pet’s unique needs. At Short Pump Animal Hospital in Glen Allen, VA, we offer surgical services to help pets live healthier lives, and our compassionate care, both during and after surgery, is a hallmark of our practice.

Short Pump Animal Hospital Offers Pet Surgery

When Surgery Is Needed

When your veterinarian recommends a surgical procedure, you may have a number of concerns. You may want to know how many of these procedures the vet has done, what to expect for the outcome and how long a recovery period will be. Your vet in Glen Allen will be happy to explain the procedure and what to expect after surgery in detail.

Concerns About Anesthesia

All patients undergoing anesthesia will have blood chemistries run to ensure all values are within normal limits, as well as a CBC to make sure your pet is not anemic prior to surgery. Patients will have a IV catheter placed and fluids running to help keep  blood pressure regulated,  if we have an unforeseen emergency the doctors have IV access for emergency medications.  Not only do we use equipment to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation and an ECG, we utilize Licensed Veterinary Technicians who also monitor and record your pets vitals from the time the first dose of anesthesia is given, until the time your pet is extubated. 

Helping Your Pet To Recover From Surgery Quickly

After surgery, your veterinarian will give you detailed instructions about care during recovery. These may include instructions on limiting exercise, wound care, eating and administering medications. Following the instructions precisely will help your pet recover quickly and completely after the procedure. Your vet may also schedule a follow-up visit to ensure normal healing after surgery.

Make Short Pump Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Glen Allen

Dr. Morlino,  Dr. Reger and Dr. Wigley have extensive training in veterinary medicine and are dedicated to helping their patients in Glen Allen, VA, and nearby communities achieve better health throughout life. We offer many services for pets, including exams, vaccinations, dental care, diagnostics, laser therapy, and exotic pet care. Call Short Pump Animal Hospital today at (804) 360-0100 for an appointment to learn about pet surgery and other services we offer to protect the health of pets. 

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