At Short Pump Animal Hospital, we fill prescriptions on-site and carry the medications you need for your pets. From antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to veterinary-strength products that prevent parasites and diseases, our pet medications are in stock for your convenience. Your veterinarian will help you decide which preventative products or medications are right for your pet, and our pet pharmacy will provide them for continued at-home care. You want to give your pet high-quality and effective care, and we want to make that possible.  

Dog and Cat Vaccinations

Are your pets protected from fatal diseases like rabies? Are they vulnerable to Bordetella, leukemia, or a kennel cough when they interact with other pets? Our veterinary team can protect your pets from life-threatening conditions with regular rounds of vaccinations. We offer puppy and kitten vaccinations for new pets, including booster shots, as well as core and non-core vaccines for adult dogs and cats. No pet should have to suffer from a disease or condition that could have been prevented with an annual injection.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and tick prevention is an important part of any dog or cat’s wellness regimen. Our pet pharmacy is stocked with the preventative medications you need to protect your pets from these parasites, as well as flea and tick control and treatment products for pets who are already infested. We will screen and treat your pet if they have signs of exposure, and recommend flea and tick medications if they don’t have monthly protection yet.

Pet Parasite Prevention

Of course, fleas and ticks aren’t the only parasites that pose health risks for your dogs and cats. Ticks expose pets to the risk of Lyme disease, and internal parasites like heartworm and tapeworm can wreak havoc on your pet’s internal organs, causing complications that can be life-threatening. Your veterinarian will work with you to assess your pet’s risks and determine the best preventative options, which may include regular heartworm medication and annual vaccinations.  

Order Pet Medications for Home Delivery

Now, you can order your pet medications online and receive them through the mail! Our Glen Allen veterinarians help patients throughout the Richmond area and West End, and our online pet pharmacy serves the whole area with home delivery. We know it isn’t always convenient to pick up your pet medication at our clinic, so we are proud to provide this convenient service to keep your pet’s health care on track.

Online Pharmacies and Nutriceutical Retailers :

Vets Source Online Pharmacy

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Our partnership with Vetsource® means you can order quality prescription medications, food and health care products sourced directly from the manufacturer and have them shipped right to your front door.

AutoShip allows you to schedule regular deliveries of your pet’s medications and food at your convenience. And with RemindMe, single doses of your pet’s flea, tick and heartworm preventatives arrive once a month when you need them — with no shipping charges!


Click on the Vetri-Science logo and check out what they have available to help keep your pet happy and healthy.


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