Pet Ear Care

Improve Your Pet's Ear Health

Pet ear care starts with understanding the structure of the animal’s ear and how different issues can affect it. From inflammation to infection to injury, there are many ways for a pet to experience discomfort or pain from this part of the body.

Of course, as with all pain that your pet feels, it's not always easy to identify. After all, your pet has been conditioned not to show weakness for any reason. That's why it's better to concentrate on preventative care as a means of mitigating any potential problems. Short Pump Animal Hospital is here to help the pet owners of Glen Allen with the following tips.


Learn the Parts

There are three major parts of an animal's ear: the outer, middle, and inner parts. The middle part connects to the back of the mouth and the inner connects to the brain. Different parts of the ear contain different nerves that can affect everything from hearing to balance. The more hair a dog has, the more likely it is for something to get stuck in there.

Learn the Threats

Some breeds and temperaments are simply more prone to pet ear infections than others. For example, dogs that love to swim are more likely to suffer because their ear is constantly exposed to water that can become stuck in the caverns of the ear. Infections can also be caused by mites or yeast. Inflammation is also a common problem, typically caused by hair, dust, or even everyday materials in the air like pollen.

Take Precautions

A veterinarian will tell you that you don't necessarily need to deny your pet all of their favorite activities nor do you need to buy fancy veterinary supplies. Just knowing what the warning signs are is an excellent start when it comes to pet ear care. Pay attention if your pet seems off-balance or if he appears to be shaking his head. Clean his ears more often to prevent inflammation from dust and dirt. Keep your pet's ear trimmed and use an everyday pet-ear cleaning solution to squeeze into the ear canal and wipe away any debris.

Pet Ear Care in Glen Allen, VA

If you're looking for a veterinarian who understands the delicate structure of your pet's ear, Short Pump Animal Hospital has a team that understands the delicate nature of pet ear infections. Call us today at (804) 360-0100 to schedule an appointment to get your pet’s ears examined.

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