Pet Dental Care

The Importance of Pet Dental Care from Short Pump Animal Hospital

Growing up, most people go to the dentist on a regular basis. Dental care is important for pets as well as people. Dental care is one of the major responsibilities of pet owners because of the benefits it can provide their furry friend. In order to invest in high-quality pet dental care, pet owners need to find a trained and compassionate veterinarian. The team from the Short Pump Animal Hospital is here to make sure that everyone in the West End area has access to high-quality pet dental care.

Pet Dental

The Importance of Pet Dental Care

It is important for pet owners to invest in dental care because of the benefits this provides to their pet’s oral health. Investing in regular dental care provides the veterinarian an opportunity to identify dangerous oral health diseases ahead of time. Unlike people, dogs do not have the potential to communicate clearly with their owner. This means that oral health disease might fester inside the mouth of an animal for an extended period of time before it is finally detected. This can lead to a substantial repair bill down the line. In order to prevent this, pet owners need to make sure their pet receives dental care on a regular basis.

Forms of Dental Disease that Might be Detected

Some pet owners might also be wondering what type of dental disease the vet might catch. First, dental disease in animals can manifest in a variety of ways. This can affect the teeth, gums, and various structures that are present to support the teeth of animals, protecting them from harm. Most forms of oral health diseases are going to start with the buildup of plaque that will coat the teeth. This plaque contains a wide variety of food particles as well as bacteria. Eventually, this plaque is going to harden into something called tartar. The veterinarian can remove this tartar at a typical visit, preventing oral breakdown and dangerous dental disease.

Rely on the Friendly Team from the Short Pump Animal Hospital

Pet owners need to make sure their dog's oral health is well taken care of. In order to make sure this happens, pet owners everywhere need to contact the Short Pump Animal Hospital. We have a friendly team of trained professionals who are willing to provide compassionate care to all of your furry friends. We will work hard to make sure the needs of your pets are placed ahead of our own. To learn more about the various services we provide, please call us at (804) 360-0100 today to schedule an appointment. We are here to serve the pets and owners of the West End area. 

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