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Pet Bathing Overview From Short Pump Animal Hospital

Muddy paws may be part of pet ownership, but occasionally, your pet may need a bath. Here is a look at some of the general pet bathing questions we get at Short Pump Animal Hospital in Glen Allen, VA and the answers you should know. 


Is it safe to bathe all types of pets?

It is safe to bathe both cats and dogs, which are the two most common types of pets. More exotic pets may not need pet bathing at all. Therefore, if you have a bunny, lizard, or bird, talk to your vet about their bathing recommendations. 

How often should you bathe your pet?

The general rule is to bathe a dog or cat about every four to six weeks. Cats really should not be bathed any more frequently, but if your dog is constantly romping through the mud, getting into something, or otherwise getting dirty, it is fine to bathe it a little more frequently. 

What are some safety guidelines to follow when bathing your pets?

  • Make sure to only use products designed for your specific type of pet
  • Try to avoid getting products in the eyes
  • Bathe pets in lukewarm water only; cold water can be shocking to the pet's system and hot water may cause burns 
  • Fill the tub or sink with just enough water to cover the legs; use a cup or sprayer to pour water over your pet 

What shampoos/soaps should you use to bathe your pet?

Make sure you only use products that are specifically designated for use on the type of pet that you have. For example, it is not a good idea to use a shampoo formulated for dogs on a cat. Human products are generally not a good idea to use on your pet as humans and pets can have different reactions to various ingredients. If you are unsure what products are best for pet bathing, it is a good idea to talk to your West End veterinarian for recommendations. 

What should you do if you cannot do pet bathing on your own?

If you have a pet that does not like the water or gives you an especially hard time when it comes to bathing, it is a good idea to talk to your veterinarian. Many vets offer some level of grooming, but if they do not, they can also recommend a good groomer in your area. 

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