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You love your pet and want the best for them-- the most powerful care of all is preventative care. Fortunately, your pet can get the preventative wellness care it needs at Short Pump Animal hospital, no matter which veterinarian in Glen Allen VA he visits at our clinic.

The World of Preventative Pet Wellness Care

The realm of preventative pet wellness care covers a lot of ground. Illness can strike any component or system in your pet's body, often in very subtle, insidious ways that you can't see or notice until the problem has become quite advanced. To head these issues off at the pass, your Glen Allen veterinarian recommends:

  • Regular wellness exams - Most pets should have a wellness exam every year; some may need even more frequent checkups. The exam is our opportunity to examine your pet's skin, hair, eyes, ears, tail, and other external features for even the tiniest signs of trouble. It also allows us to run lab tests that pick up early signs of internal organ problems, systemic abnormalities, and serious disease such as cancer. Weighing your pet and discussing his proper diet is another important part of the exam.
  • Pet dental care - We examine pets' teeth, gums, and oral cavity under anesthesia so your pet won't move or feel anxious. These exams can identify problems that may require treatment such as tooth damage, abscesses, periodontal disease and oral cancer. Deep cleaning is typically performed at the same time, to help deter that bacteria that cause disease.
  • Vaccinations - Every pet needs vaccinations to protect him against the most common threats to their health, including distemper and rabies. We start vaccinating pets when they're just a few weeks old so they can start building up the immunity they need against these and other diseases. 

Two less-obvious types of preventative wellness care include flea/tick prevention and spay/neuter surgery. Keeping fleas and ticks off of your pet doesn't just free them from the misery of constant itching -- it also prevents the underlying skin inflammation caused by bites, and transmission of other, even more serious diseases. By the same token, spay/neuter surgery prevents more than just pregnancy. This form of sterilization removes the risk for certain deadly reproductive cancers, while also relieving your pet of compulsions that may lead to risky, dangerous actions.

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Your veterinarian at Short Pump Animal Hospital can help your pet stay well from his first weeks through his "golden years. Puppy or kitten wellness care helps your baby grow strong. Regular preventative care throughout adulthood ensures a longer, happier life with fewer health complications along the way. Senior wellness care offers extra attention and monitoring for those age-related health problems. Call (804) 360-0100 to start your pet's wellness journey!

 We proudly serve the Glen Allen, Richmond, and West End areas. including veterinary care for rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and other exotic pets!

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