Pet Microchipping

Here at Short Pump Animal Hospital in Glen Allen, our veterinary team members are strong proponents of microchipping for pets. This virtually undetectable small ‘chips’ are about the size of a grain of rising and quickly are inserted under the pet’s skin. If an animal is located, it can be taken to a veterinarian or animal shelter with a microchip scanner, and a confidential number will disclose valuable information about how to find the pet’s owner if the pet has been chipped. So, if you live in Glen Allen, Richmond or West End, VA we highly recommend pet microchipping—, especially for cats and dogs.

The Process of Implanting Microchips and How They Work

The process of implanting a pet microchip takes just minutes, and the entire experience causes only as much discomfort to the pet as injecting a vaccination. The small chip is placed in a needled syringe, and our veterinarian gently inserts the device between your pet’s shoulder blade just beneath the skin. No anesthesia is necessary for implantation, and these devices are activated by radio frequency signals that cause no adverse side effects.

The most typically (but very rare) side effect is the occurrence of the microchip shifting from the implantation site over time. It’s important to note that pet microchips are not tracking devices and cannot locate your pet upon command. The animal must be scanned to activate the chip which discloses the owner’s information, so they are not active at all times or emitting harmful frequencies.

The Benefits of Microchipping Pets

Pets can get antsy, excited easily and feel the need to have a taste of freedom in the great outdoors from time to time. The good news is that microchips offer a wonderful solution for animal owners who want to quickly be reunited with their furry friend after an escape effort. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, microchipped dogs are returned home more than 50 percent of the time, while non-chips canines are reunited with owners just over 20 percent of the time.

Microchipped felines are estimated to be returned around 40 percent of the time, while non-chipped cats found their way back home less than 15 percent of the time. Essentially, the primary reason that not all chipped pets are returned is due to the pet owner’s failure to keep their most current contact and location information updated in the microchip database.

Have Your Dog or Cat Microchipped Today

This affordable and short procedure can mean the difference between losing a pet forever and having them back in your arms. Take time to schedule an appointment at our veterinary clinic in Glen Allen today by calling (804) 360-0100 or contact Short Pump Animal Hospital online for more information. We also proudly service the nearby communities of Richmond and West End, VA for your convenience.

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