Dermatology Care For Pets

Unlike people whose allergic reactions generally involved things like running noses, itchy red eyes, sneezing, and headaches, dogs and cats most commonly react to an allergy trigger with skin and/or gastrointestinal problems. By far the most common is skin related allergic reactions. This is because dogs and cats have a greater concentration and a higher proportion of mast cells, which is the part of the immune system that releases histamine.

 Histamine is what makes use humans sneeze when we are exposed to an allergy and this compound is released in large amounts in the skin of our furry friends. So, where our bodies have head and sinus-related symptoms due to the mast cells releasing histamine, our pets will usually have skin and fur related reactions to the histamine. 


Side Effects of Dermatological Allergies

The reactions our dogs and cats have to histamine can cause many issues with their skin. The most commonly seen problems may range from changes in coat texture, hair loss in large patches, itchy patches of skin, painful hot spots, an annoying skin rash, major irritation, and persistent licking and chewing of the skin. Allergies may also play a part in chronic ear infections, persistent sores, blood infections, stomach issues, and other serious infections and disorders.

Causes of Skin Allergies in Pets

The most commonly seen causes of dog and cat allergic dermatitis can be surprising to many pet owners. Here at Short Pump Animal Hospital, we have helped furry family members with their skin allergies and we commonly seen cases that are related to, caused by, or made worse by flea allergy, food allergy, contact allergy, and allergy to normal exposure to bacteria or fungi in the environment. To make the conditions harder to diagnose and treat at times, other major health conditions such as thyroid disease and cancer may have similar symptoms and may exacerbate the symptoms. This is why veterinary care is almost always needed in order to accurately diagnose and treat individual cases of skin allergies in dogs and cats.

Treatment Options in Glen Allen

Here at Short Pump Animal Hospital of Glen Allen, Virginia we can help you and your pet find relief from their skin allergy problems.  We are here to help you and your pet find relief. You love your dog or cat like they were a member of your family, so treat them like one and give them the best vet care available in the area. Call (804) 360-0100 today to see why Short Pump Animal Hospital is the name pet parents trust when they are in need!

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